Malta Citizenship Scheme VS Other European Citizenship Programs

Many European countries are offering visa programs leading to permanent residency and citizenship through real estate investment. These include Greece, Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Cyprus. Let’s find out some of these programs here:

  1. Portugal Residency and Citizenship through Investment

Portugal Golden Visa program has been one of the most popular residency and citizenship schemes in Europe. It attracts foreign investors from across the world because of its flexibility and lots of benefits. People looking for Portugal residency need to spend 50,000 euros in real estate in Portugal. This will grant a residency permit for a family including dependent children. The golden visa is renewable after two years. One of the most attractive benefits of this visa is that you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship after 5 years of investment and without having to reside in Portugal.

  1. Malta Citizenship Programme

Malta offers two visa programs involving investment. One of these programs is permanent residency (MIRP) and another is for citizenship (MIIP). These programs grant indefinite residency rights to foreign investors and entrepreneurs who can invest at least Euro 250,000 in Maltese government equities or bonds for 5 years. After successfully qualifying for a Malta Citizenship scheme, you get the freedom of visa-free traveling, studying, working, and living in any EU Schengen country.

  1. Cyprus Citizenship by Investment 

Cyprus is another European country that offers the quickest and most assured route to obtain citizenship through investment programs. Those who are interested in Cyprus need to invest a minimum of 2.0 million euros in real estate along with a donation of 75,000 euro to the government research and development fund as well as 75,000 euro to the Land Development Organization. Upon qualifying for the citizenship investment program, you will get citizenship of Cyprus within just six months of the investment. This will grant a Cypriot passport and citizenship of a European Nation country which means you can live, travel, work, travel, and study anywhere within the EU countries like United Kingdom, Germany, and France.