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Indulge the inner child in you with our wide collection of animation movies. The beauty of animation is that it cuts across different genres. So, whether you want your animated movie to be crazy hilarious, action packed or a thrilling adventure, there is always something for you. And we didn’t limit our collection to this era. We have animations that were popular in the 90’s and some of them even go further. And we try as much as possible to include latest releases so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This page is updated daily with new additions so every time you come here, you will find something new.

We kicked things off with every single episode of Naruto for the manga fans. If you are a Marvel comic fan, you will be treated to over 100 episodes featuring your favorite heroes. From the Avengers to the X-men, fighting villains has never seemed so much cooler. Inventor and Socialite, Tony Starks becomes the Iron Man and leads a band of heroes that includes gods and other super talented people. They call themselves the Avengers and they stand together in a fight to save the world. Professor X and his X-Men on the other hand are fighting for a world where mutants and humans can coexist peacefully.

But, if you are a DC Comic fan and prefer a different squad of heroes, then perhaps you want to visit Gotham city. Home to the legendary Bruce Wayne, play boy billionaire by day and tough as nails super hero, Batman by night. He unites Super Man, Wonder Woman and other super heroes both human and alien to protect, not only planet earth but other planets as well. The Justice League is an exciting animation series for the crowd who want it all. Had enough of super heroes and super villains? Let’s go to the small, unassuming town of Gravity Falls. The unlikely heroes are a brother and sister who accidently uncover the town’s creepiest secret.

Watch one of Pixar’s latest works and dance along with Miguel in this heart wrenching adventure animation, Coco. We dare you to not shed a tear. Think the teary stuff might be a little too much? Hakuna Matata, you can travel to the heart of Africa where young Simba battles for the fate of Pride Rock with the help of a meercat and a warthog. You can enjoy these all on our free to watch website – fusionmovies.to, Full Animation Movies And Series | Watch Free Animation Movies Instantly.